CIS International, LLC

CIS International LLC is the international affiliated company of Conde InduServices Corp. (CIS) founded to offer consulting services worldwide. CIS International is a consulting company that provides solutions, experienced professionals, and training to ensure effective operations within the scientific and technological industries. CIS International is a North American company located in Puerto Rico that provides Technology, Science, and Innovation services to our Society through the establishment of the new trends in worldwide industries.

PharmaGen Corp.

PharmaGen Corp. is the Pharmaceutical division of Conde InduServices Corporation. The initial objective of PharmaGen Corp. is to supply high quality low cost products to our society. The use of advanced technologies are also applied in our manufacturing processes. Being the leaders in Real Time Release testing, we have a competitive advantage to use Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) in our own products.

Therefore, we can develop, manufacture, and distribute high quality low cost products. Details of PharmaGen Corp. will eventually appear under (Currently, this site is under construction)

This business division will start with the activities of contract development and then manufacture of different products within our scope.

Conde Quality Support, LLC

Conde Quality Support is dedicated to traditional maintenance engineering, specialized cleaning of facilities, and to service the hospitality industry (Food and Beverage).

We provide excellent resources with the right supervision and training that is required to excel our customer requirements.

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